Principal's Letter

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Pathways is an academy which is developing at a rapid rate. Our commitment to success for all of our children is at the centre of all that we do and the work we are carrying out this year fully supports children to be safe, happy and to learn well.



Our hardworking and committed staff team are working together to ensure the following:

  • That at least good teaching means that all children make good or better progress in their learning.

  • That all curriculum is broad, balanced, meaningful and enjoyable.

  • That children behave, are kind and courteous and show respect to all.

  • That children are well cared for and feel happy and safe at school.

  • That children attend regularly and are punctual.

  • That the academy is well led by senior leaders and governors.

  • That partnerships with parents enhance the educational offer children receive.


Our academy motto is ‘Standing Out From The Crowd and Feeling Proud’ and we are certainly proud of our children. They know they are special, whether they are making excellent gains in their learning, attitude and behaviour or showing off their many talents.


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Vision and Aims

Our Vision

The E-ACT Pathways Academy family:

*        Recognise that everyone is unique and that there are many different pathways to success for our talented children and staff. Excellence in educational outcomes enhances life chances for all, increasing aspirations.

*       Believe that positive partnership between the Academy and parents and families is vital to a child’s success and the success of our Academy.

*       Aim to be the ‘beating heart’ of our community for the benefit of all, ensuring we are a driving force in the community’s success, encouraging cohesion, promoting opportunity and giving PRIDE.

*       Celebrate, recognise and value the successes and achievements of its children, staff and families who are all learners, ensuring everyone feels a sense of belonging.

*       Believe that excellent behaviour is the bridge between our children’s hopes and dreams and their achievements.

*       Believe that excellence within teaching, together with excellent attendance and a rich, inspiring and engaging curriculum, which is tailored to the needs and interests of our children, support everyone to be the best that they can be.

*       Place wellbeing central to our work, striving to ensure that children and adults learn in a safe, supported, nurturing environment, where they feel confident, worthy, enthusiastic and valued.


Our Aims

Our Academy is a place where all are valued as individuals, celebrating uniqueness and diversity and where every person feels safe, respected and supported. We want every child to develop good spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding, to develop good relationships and achieve high standards of behaviour.
We want every child to achieve the highest possible educational standards and to make good progress in relation to their prior attainment.

We acknowledge every child as unique with special talents, gifts and needs and with potential that needs developing, intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially, morally and spiritually.
We favour a broad, balanced and creative curriculum which is relevant to and extends our children’s experiences. We strive to ensure every child has access to a high quality all round curriculum, but also has access to opportunities which enables them to excel in a particular area. This is built upon the beliefs that every child matters and every child is gifted and talented. We believe that success in one particular area helps develop a child’s self esteem and raises their achievement overall.
Every child is entitled to, and we strive to provide, appropriate and challenging learning opportunities delivered through first hand experience if possible.

Every parent and family is welcomed and forms a vital part of our community. We strive to work with parents to impact on the community of Longley and Sheffield as a whole.

We support our parents and share any difficulties or challenges they face. The wellbeing of every member of our community is important, because we know that if we support wellbeing we are supporting learning.
We place a child’s wellbeing at the heart of all of our work.

We work positively with all agencies for positive outcomes for children. Children enjoy attending Pathways and have a growing sense of PRIDE in their achievements and in the school.

Our Vision, values, aims and daily work reflect this ethos.

‘… a culture that places the individual child at its heart … a school community that works together to secure improvement’ (OFSTED)


E-ACT is a leading, independent academy sponsor whose principal purpose is to create centres of excellence for all by establishing, maintaining, managing and developing academies and Free Schools.

Since its start in 2009, E-ACT have grown organically and now sponsor over 31 state funded academies and Free Schools. Working closely with staff, students, parents and the wider community, E-ACT is highly specialised and effective in ensuring our academies work quickly to become recognised as centres of excellence.

E-ACT academies and Free Schools are governed by experienced and successful people and organisations drawn from the communities each academy serves.

E-ACT’s key objectives for every academy and student are:

  • High attainment and high achievement.
  • Improved social mobility and inclusion.
  • Strong employability.

We know that the better educated and more highly-skilled young people are, the better their life chances are to succeed in today’s globalised world.

For E-ACT students this means:

  • Providing you with a combination of academic and vocational skills to suit your needs and ambitions.
  • Helping you achieve the highest possible standards of educational attainment and behaviour.
  • Developing your personal skills, social attributes, and emotional intelligence so you can succeed in a globalised world.
  • Giving you access to innovative e-learning experiences that will enhance your employability prospects.
  • Offering you an inspiring all round educational experience that will give you better life chances.

For E-ACT academies, principals, teachers, support staff and governors this means:

  • Encouraging you to adopt an approach of earned autonomy, enabling you and your school to share in the support and challenge of the collective E-ACT group combined with the freedom to develop your individual ethos suited to the needs of your community.
  • Providing you with outstanding professional development, leadership and career opportunities.

To find out more about E-ACT visit their website:



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